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  • Sarah Brunkhorst

QYD Quest — February 4, 2022

The Brattleboro, VT Steering Committee is continuing their QYD Quest, hoping to become the first community to reach two-star certification. They've recently pulled together a design team of 20 youth, grades 6-12, to help plan their approach to meeting benchmark #4, an elected community youth council. We're so excited to see so much youth input and can't wait to watch it be implemented.

Meanwhile in Stowe, VT, Steering Committee members have been meeting with organizations all over the community to talk about getting more youth involvement, including inviting youth to join local boards of directors. As word of certification spreads, the community is taking note and getting excited!

In other news, the project welcomes another QYD Bits intern to the team in Shelburne, VT! The high school intern will be surveying her peers to identify youth-friendly businesses in the community, and encouraging them to put up posters welcoming youth into their spaces.

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