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QYD Quest — June 29, 2021

On June 29, 2021, Governor Phil Scott declared June 29th to be "Quality Youth Development (QYD) Day" in Vermont!

WHEREAS, in 2019 Essex CHIPS, a Vermont non-profit youth organization based in Essex Junction, with over 30 years of experience developing and operating programs and services that help youth to thrive, designed a new national certification program (the Quality Youth Development Project - aka "QYD Project") to celebrate communities that demonstrate they support, engage, inspire, and empower youth, by the achievement of at least 7 QYD Benchmarks; and WHEREAS, on June 29th of 2020 the Greater Essex and Middlebury communities became the first in the nation to be recognized for their achievement of the QYD Community credential, which demonstrated their commitment to support, engage, inspire, and empower youth; and WHEREAS, Brattleboro and other Vermont towns and cities are similarly seeking to attain the QYD Community certification, in order to also demonstrate their commitment to help youth thrive, by achieving at least 7 QYD benchmarks. NOW, THEREFORE, I, Philip B. Scott, Governor, hereby proclaim June 29, 2021 as QUALITY YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (QYD) DAY in Vermont.

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