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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

There are now two towns in Vermont officially striving to become certified as QYD Communities!

The Essex QYD Project has restructured its Steering Committee, and is on pace to achieve at least 7 of 10 QYD Benchmarks by the end of June - and possibly much sooner. 19 year old Dominque is the Chair of the Steering Committee, which is actively recruiting youth members.

Similarly, Middlebury began the QYD quest in early December, and has already documented the achievement of 2 Benchmarks. At its upcoming Community Meeting on February 10th (Monday), the group will be tackling 2 more Benchmarks which they believe can be achieved by the end of February. The group is led by 19 year old Elizabeth, and Select Board Member Lindsey.

Rumor has it that a third community, located in Southern Vermont, is getting ready to take the QYD plunge as well. We will provide more details once their Steering Committee has been formed.

In each of these communities there is a small but enthused group seeking to achieve this new community credential - because engaging and empowering youth helps a community to thrive!

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