The QYD Project™

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The QYD Project™ is a national community awareness and engagement campaign, in alignment with the 40 Developmental Assets developed years ago by the Search Institute. It seeks to raise community awareness and better engage communities, in support of their youth.

Organize a local QYD

 Steering Committee within your community, with at least 40% of members between the ages of 13-19.

Complete the 10 QYD Benchmarks to demonstrate your community's commitment to Quality Youth Development.

Kick into celebration mode with public proclamations and press coverage upon being notified of your QYD  Community™ credential!

Why Become a QYD™ Community?

Through the certification process, the community will be more aware of the attributes and value of Quality Youth Development, and many youth in the QYD Community™ will:

  • better realize they are valued and respected

  • be offered more meaningful opportunities

  • demonstrate increased resilience and self-confidence

  • be more likely to thrive in school & as community members.

  • be more inclined to remain in, or return to, the community after school graduation.

“I have been continually impressed with the project's ability to engage teens, of all ages and abilities, in meaningful ways. Likewise, it has been amazing to see those teens share their many talents with our community.”
Lindsey Fuentes-George, Co-Chair of Middlebury QYD

Contact the QYD Project™

 For Vermont QYD, contact Sarah Brunkhorst at sarah@qyd.center or ‪802-489-6873‬

For National QYD, contact David Voegele at david@qyd.center or 978-255-3772

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