How to Become a

QYD Community™

Here are the steps to becoming a QYD Community™:

1. Ask the QYD Project™ to present the Certification concept to a small group of local non-profit organizations and youth (e.g., at a meeting of community coalition).

2. Discuss the value and feasibility of the QYD Community™ credential, including an initial assessment of how the community would currently score, and whether at least 70% of the benchmarks can be achieved within 9 months.

3. If at least 1 community group (non-profits, municipal entities, school groups, faith-based organizations, or informal group of residents) are enthused about the QYD™ concept, and feel it is both appropriate and feasible for their community, then they may create a local QYD Steering Committee (but at least 40% of the members must be 13-19 years old).


4. The local QYD Steering Committee will then identify and recruit a well-respected and non-controversial community leader (such as business owner, a public safety official, an educator, a clergy member) to champion the project, and serve as the Chair or Co-Chair

5. The local QYD Steering Committee will sign and submit a non- binding Letter of Intent & Understanding to the QCC, which states their desire to move forward on the certification process, with the support of QYD Project™ staff.


6. The QCC will review the Letter of Intent & Understanding, and within 15 days will either approve the request to begin the certification process, or recommend additional preliminary actions to be taken before beginning the formal process.

7. Upon approval of the Letter of Intent & Understanding, the local QYD Steering Committee, with the support of QYD Project™ staff, will then prepare and submit a press release announcing the launch of the initiative, and inviting community members to attend an informational meeting.

8. The local QYD Steering Committee, with support from QYD Project™ Staff, will present the QYD™ concept, benchmarks, and process at the informational meeting, at which time community embers may volunteer to serve on one of the several QYD Benchmark Groups.

9. The QYD Benchmark Groups will be the work groups planning and implementing strategies to achieve each of the benchmarks necessary for QYD™ certification.


10. Each QYD Benchmark Group will prepare a proposed work plan to achieve its assigned benchmark, which will then be implemented upon approval by the QYD Steering Committee.


11. As stated earlier, when at least 70% of the benchmarks have been achieved the local QYD Steering Committee may submit the completed portfolio to the QCC for review, scoring, and rating.


12. Again, within 30 days the local QYD Steering Committee will be informed by QCC as to whether their application to become certified as a QYD Community™ has been approved, and at what star level.

Upon being notified of their QYD credential, the local QYD Steering Committee will kick into celebration mode! They will organize a press conference, do TV/radio interviews, seek public proclamations from both local and state government, create new signage in the community, post the achievement on websites, Facebook and social media.

The QYD™ Manual has the complete recipe to becoming a QYD Community™. Download it to learn more:

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