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The Brattleboro, Vermont community became Vermont's third QYD Community™ on September 24, 2021. This steering committee was the project's third, and began operation in 2019. On October 18 2022, Brattleboro became the first ever Two Star QYD Community™! Today, the steering committee is working toward a third star by planning a youth conference. Made possible with funding from VT Children's Trust Foundation.

Benchmarks Met


Welcoming, inclusive, and accessible space in the community for any youth (including LBGTQ youth, youth of color, disadvantaged youth) to gather safely when out of school.


Funding by the community in support of youth programs.


A professional youth-mentoring program serving the community.


An elected community youth council, consisting of high school students that will advise the community on issues directly and indirectly related to youth.


“Youth Are Welcome!” posters displayed by downtown businesses.


Youth access to social services and resources outside of a school setting.


Effective recruitment of young people for local community-wide committees.


Extraordinary Benchmark Alternative: community show of support for youth by voting in favor of granting 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in local elections

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