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Why Make My Community a QYD Community™?

The QYD Project™ is designed to encourage and celebrate tangible efforts to promote the health and development of youth through youth-adult partnerships. Not only does each benchmark directly impact youth in the community, but simply undergoing the process promotes youth empowerment — benefiting not only those youth involved in the community, but those who their actions engage as well. Each achievement by the Steering Committee is locally publicized and recognized, making the community more aware of the importance of supporting youth and how to do so. As a result, many youth in the QYD Community™ will:

  • feel more valued and respected

  • be offered more meaningful opportunities

  • demonstrate increased resilience and self-confidence

  • be more likely to thrive in school and as community members

  • be more inclined to remain in, or return to, the community after school graduation


Don't just take our word for it — here's what others have to say about the QYD Project™:
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