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QYD Bits

QYD Bits is a “starter” version of the QYD Project™, in which local teens seek to strengthen their community’s support of youth by achieving one of the QYD Benchmarks in their community. Each of the benchmarks embraces the imperative of racial equity and is aligned with one or more of the Search Institute’s  40 Developmental Assets framework. By achieving even one of the QYD Benchmarks, the youth will have promoted increased community commitment to youth and increased readiness for a local QYD Steering Committee (if desired).

The purpose of this internship is for a teen to:


  1. Work with peers and local businesses to make their community a more welcoming place for youth.

  2. Gain knowledge and experience in community research, organizing, and youth development.


The role of the intern is to:

  1. With guidance from QYD staff, become knowledgeable about the QYD Project™ and its value to youth and their community.

  2. With guidance from QYD staff, survey a broad array of their peers to determine which businesses within their community's designated downtown area are perceived as being "youth-friendly."

  3. With guidance from QYD staff, serve as an ambassador for QYD by informing at least 20 youth and 10 adults about the project.

  4. With guidance from QYD staff, achieve QYD Benchmark #5 (displaying "Youth are Welcome" posters in downtown businesses).

The resulting benchmark achievement will result in a QYD™ Notice of Accomplishment for the community, a press release, and social media postings. QYD Bits internships are paid and have the potential to be extended based on the intern's progress in the community. The internship initially starts at 20 hours over a period of 4-8 weeks.

Apply for a QYD Bits™ Internship

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