QYD Bits

QYD Bits is a “starter” version of the QYD Project™, in which local teens seek to strengthen their community’s support of youth by achieving 1-2 of the QYD Benchmarks that have not already been met in the community. Each of the benchmarks embraces the imperative of racial equity and is aligned with one or more of the Search Institute’s  40 Developmental Assets framework. By achieving even one of the QYD Benchmarks, the local youth will have promoted increased community commitment to youth (within a racial equity framework) – and increased readiness for QYD Community™ certification (if desired).


Any of the 10 QYD Benchmarks can represent a QYD Bits initiative for local youth, with guidance and support from the QYD Project staff. Benchmark achievement will result in a QYD™ Notice of Accomplishment for the community, a press release, and social media postings. See the 10 QYD Benchmarks here.

For more detailed info about QYD Bits and how it can promote youth asset development within your community, download our informational sheet and email david@qyd.center.